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Pre-Planning Funeral Services


One of Bond Memorial Chapel's highest priorities is to serve families at one of the most difficult times in their lives. In keeping with this priority, we offer families the opportunity to make important arrangements prior to their time of need.

Funeral pre-planning is one of the most requested services that Bond Memorial Chapel offers. We meet with families every week, helping them to gather important information and become better-informed about the events that occur at the time of death. The reasons, varying from emotional considerations to financial ones, are multitudinous. Below are just a few reasons for preplanning your funeral:

Make Decisions in a Clear Organized Manner

Pre-arranging your funeral allows you to think clearly about funeral decisions. Many of the details needed at the time of death are obscure, such as your mother's maiden name, the city in which you were born, or your social security number. The best person to provide this information is you. It also allows you to contribute to the decision making process on such details as the type of service, clothing, visitation, flowers, music, newspaper notices, and other printed materials.

Alleviate Your Loved Ones in a Time of Grief

Within a short time of your death, your loved ones may need to make more than 120 decisions regarding your funeral and burial. By pre-planning, you can calmly make these decisions for them, relieving them from these additional responsibilities in their time of grief.

Pay for Your Funeral at Today's Costs

The average funeral costs between $8,000 to $10,000. At Bond Memorial Chapel, pre-planning allows you to pay for your funeral at today's prices rather than the inflated prices of the future. We have many payment plans that can fit your budget, and all of our pre-funding is underwritten by Homesteaders Life Company. Homesteaders was founded in 1906 for the express purpose of providing funds for "final expenses." Homesteaders has emerged as a national leader in the funeral service funding. They have received an "Excellent" rating from A.M. Best Co. Planning ahead just makes good sense. It's the same type of pre-planning we've been doing all of our lives. We preplan our education, our health insurance, savings, auto purchases, home purchases, vacations, and retirement. More and more people today are now also pre-planning their funerals.

The pre-arrangement process can be very brief and simple, or it can be quite thorough. The choice is yours. And, all of the planning that you do now will alleviate the weight of this responsibility from your family in their time of need.

Consider pre-planning - allow yourself to think through these things in a relaxed setting at your convenience. Contact one of our funeral directors today and schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation. Or stop by for a visit when you are in the Mt. Juliet, TN area. With your consultation, you'll receive a FREE copy of our Family Considerations Planning Guide. It contains a wealth of helpful tips and information covering topics from funeral planning to securing important documents. We look forward to being able to help you in any way.

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