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Hardwood caskets, along with caskets of copper, and steel, offer a wide selection and price range to select from.  Our casket selection room offers each family privacy to make their selection of choice.


Outer Burial Containers

Our Merchandise Selection Room provides samples of vaults and outer burial containers for each family to preview and make their selection of choice.

Memorial Packages

A Variety of memorial Registry Books, Service Folders and Acknowledgement Cards are available that can reflect the life and interest of the deceased.


Memorialize Veterans with Grace, Honor and Beauty.  May your loved one's service to our country never be forgotten. We have Flag cases, Keepsake Jewelry, etc. for your family to choose from to remember your loved one.


Memorial Urns are permanent containers for the cremated body.  We have a wide range of styles and prices appropriate for burial, niches, scattering, keepsakes, or discreet placement in a home.


We will be happy to provide any and all pricing information to you either in person, via e-mail or via the U. S. Postal Service. If you would like a copy of our price list please feel free to contact us and let us know and we will be more than happy to provide this information. You are entitled to all pricing information from any funeral home in the United States just by asking. We are more than happy to comply with this law.

If you would like a copy of our price lists or have any questions please e-mail us or phone 615-773-2663.

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